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Monday, February 8, 2010

Can Can. Or CAN I?

Sometimes I think I'm a baaaad person! I throw away soda cans! For shame! I need to live a "greener" life. So...I was wondering what I could do with those cans. I figured there had to be SOMETHING I could make from them. Research, research!

So, I have cans, bottle caps (well, ok, BEER bottle caps), and pop-tabs from the can.

I found a pretty cool project on the Instructables website.  See below for the steps(without written instructions-I have faith that you'll be able to figure it out) I took to create....well, you'll see my creation at the end.

I call this creation CANNY Squares to Go!


It's a Canny Square Purse!!!

If it can hold all of my junque(a fancy word for JUNK), it's a GO!!

If you don't know how to crochet, perhaps there's a way to knot the squares of tin together with yarn or jute. Give it a try. 
There may be other things to make...trivets, anyone?

How about an idea for using all of those bottle caps (beer or otherwise!). 

Check out this talented seller on Etsy, who made the magnets below. 


Bottle Cap Magnets:

           Check out this creative person on Instructables.com(who made the item below)


                      A cool bracelet made from pop-tabs and elastic!

I'm curious how many of you (my visitors) have tried any of the above projects. Please leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to hear of any other ideas you have for re- or up-cycling tin cans, bottle caps or pop tabs.

I' M NO LONGER WONDERING WHAT TO DO WITH CANS IN LIEU OF TOSSING THEM! (Although...I AM wondering how many more ideas are out there)

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