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Friday, July 9, 2010

BONANZLE...SO much more than an on-line place to buy or sell!

Bonanzle, yes, Bonanzle...NOT Bonanza. Never heard of it? Well you are in for a treat! It's NOT ebay...thank goodness! I wonder how many people are missing out on this terrific place?

I have been a seller on Bonanzle for almost a year and a half. I sell for the fun of it (although these days the money certainly helps!). I love to create things and then sell them. What a rush to have someone buy something that you have created! But I digress...

The discussion boards (or Forums) are the most amazing places to learn so much, ask for positive thoughts when life is throwing lemons at you, get well-informed opinions, promote your "booth" (that's what it's called on Bonanzle...not a shop or a store...), and laugh yourself silly. I do believe that some of the funniest people in the world have taken up residence there. 

So it's not just a place to sell your wares, or buy (amazing bargains abound!)...it's very much a social site if you choose to join in. If not, well, that's ok. It's not necessary to join discussions...but it can be helpful in getting some exposure for your booth, and meeting amazing people. 

In the past year I have had to deal with a brother who had cancer(HE'S A SURVIVOR! WAHOO), and a hubby who had heart issues. I took my concerns to the "boards" and got incredible comfort from Bonz'ers! (That's what I like to call us). People followed up well after each crisis was averted. Is it possible they really cared about a person they never really "met"? Damn straight!

There is a nightly forum called WOE (Words of Encouragement) that is visited by many Bonz'ers. It's a great place to go when you need...well...ENCOURAGEMENT! Believe me, I've been there many times. In fact...just about every night since I discovered it. A wonderful woman named Joyce started this forum a good long while ago and she spends mucho time keeping it going. Love ya, Joyce!

So you don't think we're all mushy-gushy....Bonanzle is one of (if not THE) fastest growing on-line buying/selling sites. We're all into the business of selling, but also have a wonderful time socializing with one another. What a refreshing change from the big, bad evilbay! I spent two years there and would never, ever consider going back!

Interested in checking us out? It's easy...just go to:
If you'd like to visit my booth, well come right on in to...   www.bonanzle.com/whynotnow

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