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I Was Wondering

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm constantly wondering about....

Adj. l. wondering - showing curiosity;

Every day I hear, see, or read something that makes me wonder...
Why do/did they do that? HOW do you do that? Who said that was RIGHT?
Where is THAT? How come I never heard of that?
Why is that funny sound coming from under my car?

Why are they looking at ME that way when THEY 'RE the one who cut me off?

Why do really bad things happen?

You get my gist.

So...I've decided to keep a "journal" of these thoughts and any
information I find out to satisfy my(and maybe YOUR) curiosity.
That "journal" is this blog.

A little about me....

I'm already half way through my life. Wow, that doesn't
sound good!

I have 25 yr. old boy/girl twins, a husband, and a brick
and mortar Mailing business. I also am involved in
selling handcrafted and other types of items on the
web. I used to sell on eBay but they bounced
me! Never really found out why, and was really ticked
at them. I sent them a real "nastygram" but I doubt
anyone ever read it or even cared. I was a VERY little
fish in a GIGANTIC pond! But...that forced me to look
around and I found Etsy(for selling only handcrafted
items, supplies, or vintage stuff). Been selling there since
late 2008, I believe.
Just about a year ago I found Bonanzle - who? what? - I
know lots of people have never heard of it, but lately eBay
has had many evacuees who've gone over to Bonanzle,
so it won't be long before it becomes a household name. Best
move I ever made!

I'm a dreamer, a planner, an Italian with a fiery temper
(on occasion)! Somehow I've managed to make some of my
dreams come true, but NOT with PLANNING. I don't do the
"carrying out plans" thing too well.
But...there's always tomorrow, eh?

What am I wondering about today?

Just how MANY commercials are there in a one
hour show?
Geesus - it seems like every few minutes there's
another commercial!
Of course there's never just ONE commercial....
usually at least 3 at a whack.
I wonder how many
people buy something, or from a business that
advertises incessantly. I know I
There must be some statistics on commercials and success
of same.
Gotta go check it out and report back.....

Well....based on some research, I've found that a one hour t.v. show
has between 18 and 20 minutes of commercials. So (math whiz here)
we get between 40 and 42 minutes of the show.
So, if each commercial is 30 seconds (which I think most of them are)
would that then mean that we are seeing between 36 and 40 commercials???
Holy freakin sh...oot! We're getting bombarded with commercials!
Enough is enough, don't you think?

As far as success of t.v. commercials...they are considered the
most effective mass-market advertising format. But....HOW
effective? Couldn't seem to find THAT information. Oh well,
who really cares? Do you?

Be back tomorrow
with another "I Was 
Wondering" post.

(and now I'm wondering
if I should go to bed or
eat some chips...
and THEN go to bed...)